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Can MailBee and MailBee.NET components work with MS Exchange server?

Yes, you can use both MailBee (ActiveX) and MailBee.NET components to send e-mails to Exchange server or receive e-mails and folders from this server. WebMail Pro application can also access mail on Exchange server.

SSL connections to Exchange server are also fully supported (such as S/POP3, S/IMAP, S/SMTP).

To download e-mails from Exchange in .NET application, you can use MailBee.NET POP3 or MailBee.NET IMAP components.

To download e-mails from Exchange in ActiveX/Windows/classic ASP application, you can use MailBee POP3 or MailBee IMAP ActiveX components.

However, make sure POP3 (110) or IMAP (143) port is opened in the firewall and POP3/IMAP service is running on Exchange server. By default, POP3 and IMAP is disabled in Exchange! MS Office Outlook uses internal protocol when communicating with Exchange and thus does not require IMAP or POP3, that's why POP3/IMAP service is often stopped on Exchange server.

To send e-mails to Exchange, you can use MailBee.NET SMTP or MailBee SMTP ActiveX respectively. Also, make sure SMTP (25) port is opened in the firewall and SMTP service is running on Exchange server.

When logging in a mail account on Exchange, you may find your username you used in Outlook does not work with MailBee. This is not an error. Actually, Outlook may send not just user name you typed but username + domain. Thus, it's recommended to try just username, username@domain, domain\username. Also, some authentication methods might be disabled in Exchange so you might need to use NTLM instead of regular authentication.