Display custom footer on login page

This plugin is for version 7 of the product and has not been ported to version 8 yet. We'll eventually be rewriting the existing plugins to v8 platform, please let us know if you require this particular plugin there.
To find out which plugins have already been ported to v8, click here.

This plugin allows for specifying arbitrary text on login page, e.g. copyright information.

Upon downloading and extracting plugin package, rename its main directory from:




Then you'll need to deploy the plugin so that its index file is available at the following location:


To enable the plugin, add the following to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'plugins.footer-on-login' => true, 

The text itself needs to be supplied in i18n/English.ini file as a value of COPYRIGHT constant:

COPYRIGHT = "© Copyright 2002-2015 AfterLogic Corp."

You can move this constant, along with the section heading, to main language files - but in that case, be sure to remove it from language file of the plugin as it will have higher priority.

Also, you could modify this plugin to display any dynamic content, replace line:

$this->IncludeTemplate('Login_WrapLoginViewModel', 'Login-Footer', 'templates/footer.html');

with something like this:

$sMessage = 'test message';
$this->IncludeTemplateAsString('Login_WrapLoginViewModel', 'Login-Footer', 
   '<div style="color: #929292; font-size: 9pt; margin: 20px 0; position: relative;">' . $sMessage . '</div>');

Naturally, you can supply any other variable in there.

Note that WebMail caches templates by default, which is going to be a problem with dynamic template content. To resolve that, add the following item to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'labs.cache.templates' => false,