WebMail Pro documentation

WebMail Pro documentation

This documentation provides installation instructions, guidelines on configuring WebMail Pro and development for Aurora platform.

Aurora platform can be used for developing your own applications, WebMail Pro is an example of such an application, you can develop modules for it to extend functionality of WebMail Pro.

For Administrators

For Developers

You can make apps which seamlessly integrate with WebMail Pro. The modules can have server part and client part (each one is optional). For server parts, using PHP API is recommended. Client parts should use Web API.

Your app can be anywhere (another server, desktop or mobile), written in any programming language.

Your app must be written in PHP and reside on the same server where WebMail Pro is installed. Faster than Web API as there is no network connection overhead.

Web API and PHP API can be used for both Aurora modules (something integrated with WebMail Pro) and standalone desktop, mobile and server apps.