Export and import mails saved as ZIP archive

This plugin is for the outdated version (v7) of the product.
With the current version (v8), use the plugin available here.

This plugin allows for exporting all mails from selected folder in user account. Mails are placed into ZIP archive, and once the import is completed, user gets the ZIP file offered for download.

The same plugin allows for importing mails from ZIP archive back to selected folder.

Upon downloading and extracting plugin package, rename its main directory from:




Then you'll need to deploy the plugin so that its index file is available at the following location:


To enable the plugin, add the following to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'plugins.import-export-mail' => true, 

Upon setting the plugin up, there should be Import/Export button in Manage Folders screen. Note that each folder is imported/exported separately.