Installing a plugin

Current version of the product supports use of plugins which allow for extending default functionality. Some plugins are already included into the product while others can be downloaded from plugins repository.

The primary benefit of using plugins is that they reside under the data directory and thus are not overwritten when product is upgraded to newer version.

When installing plugin, it needs to be extracted so that its primary index.php file is located at path of the following kind: data/plugins/PluginName/index.php . For example, if plugin package is called the primary file should reside at data/plugins/override-domain-settings/index.php location.

Once the plugin is installed, it needs to be enabled in data/settings/config.php file. For the sample plugin mentioned above, enabling it requires adding the following item into array defined in config.php file:

'plugins.override-domain-settings' => true,

Some plugins might require specifying configuration parameters, that is done in a similar way in the same configuration file.