Integrate Files storage with Google Drive

Sash04ek has created a plugin for integration with Google Drive. The plugin is available at:

This plugin extends Files storage functionality by adding interface to user's Google Drive account. With this plugin enabled, and once user has Google account access configured, the user will get an additional Google Drive tab under Files screen, with the same set of features as the one available for existing Personal files storage.

Note that this functionality differs from attaching files from Google Drive, though both the features use the same engine under the hood.

To allow for using this feature, administrator of the installation needs to configure Google Drive integration first.

Upon downloading and extracting plugin package content, you'll need to deploy the plugin so that its index file is available at the following location:


To enable the plugin, add the following to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'plugins.afterlogic-google-drive-plugin' => true,