Interface Settings


This area allows you to configure default look-and-feel options for WebMail Pro. For instance, you can set default skin or language and allow (or disallow) users to change that for their accounts. You can also disable rich-text editor and address book here.

Mails per page

Mail list is divided into pages. Each page holds specified number of mail messages to display.

The message pane is to the right of the message list, rather than below

If ticked, three pane view is used, otherwise preview pane is displayed under message list.

Always show pictures in messages

By default, images are blocked in messages for security and privacy reasons. Tick this option if you'd like to disable this.

Default skin

Specifies default skin for WebMail appearance.

Allow users to change skin

Specifies if users are allowed to change skin of WebMail appearance.

Default language

Default interface language.

Allow users to change interface language

Permission to change interface language by users.

Allow DHTML editor

If checked, allows users to compose messages in HTML mode.

Allow Contacts

Enables contacts (address book) module.

Allow Calendar

Enables calendar (scheduling) module. Available in WebMail Pro only.