Login Settings


WebMail Lite login page can be configured in a variety of ways. By default, users are required to enter both login and email address, but depending on particular server configuration, you can leave only one of those options and have another one sent automatically. If you enable Advanced Login, users will be able to enter any mail server details.

Standard Login Panel

All fields are displayed (email, login, password).

Hide login field

Hide login field and take it from email:

Use Email as Login

Whole email address is used as login (e.g. if email is jdoe@domain.com, login will be jdoe@domain.com)

Use Account Name as Login

Truncate email address from "@" and use the remainder (e.g. if email is jdoe@domain.com, login will be jdoe)

Hide email field

Hide Email field and build e-mail address from login field and, optionally, from domain

Display Domain After Login Field

On login form, "@"domain will be displayed after login field. This parameter affects only visual look of login panel. Decision on how to build login or email address is not altered.

Login as concatenation of "Login" field + "@" + domain

If ticked, WebMail will construct email account login as concatenation of Login field contents + "@" + domain. You should use this if logins on your mail server look like jdoe@domain.com (i.e. they are the same as email address). Do NOT use this option if logins look like jdoe (e.g. just account name, without domain).

Allow choosing language on login

Shows or hides dropdown list with languages on login page where user can choose necessary language of user interface before logging in.

Allow advanced login

If checked, clients of the WebMail system will be able to use the system with POP3/IMAP4/SMTP servers different from specified in POP3/IMAP4/SMTP Server settings.

Automatically detect and correct if user inputs e-mail instead of account-name

Allow WebMail to detect and fix when user inputs email instead of login, or login instead of email, and it's possible to determine correct login or e-mail from typed. Example: if user inputs full email address in Login field (while only account name is expected), WebMail will automatically drop @domain part.