Aurora Files documentation


We assume that the product is already installed. If it's not the case, check the installation instructions.

After installing Aurora Files you need to configure your installation.

  1. When you open Aurora Files for the first time, there is only one user able to log in, it's Super Admin.

Open you favorite browser and type web address pointing to installation URL with /adminpanel/ appended to it. Type superadmin as login and leave password field blank for login as Super Admin.

NB: for security reasons, setting the password is strongly advised.

  1. Next step is setting up the database parameters and creating tables. Navigate to System > Database Settings and enter you MySQL database credentials.

IMPORTANT: When setting up a new installation of Aurora Files, be sure to click "Update configuration" button on Database Settings screen. Doing so will ensure all the modules have their configuration files initialized under data/settings/modules directory.

  1. Optionaly, you can enable plugins for authentication via external services. This, however, is complex procedure. For details, please refer to Authentication via external services manual.

That's it, now you can create users and invite them to use your Aurora Files installation.