Aurora Files documentation

Creating user accounts via PHP API

Creating user accounts in Aurora Files is a very straightforward task, the following samples demonstrates it.

In the sample, we'll initialize PHP API, supply account credentials, define global tenant and call a method for creating an account.

include __DIR__.'/system/autoload.php';
$sLogin = "";
$sPassword = "12345";
$oTenant = \Aurora\Modules\Core\Module::Decorator()->GetDefaultGlobalTenant();
$iTenantId = $oTenant->Id;
$oAccount = \Aurora\Modules\StandardAuth\Module::Decorator()->CreateAccount($iTenantId, 0, $sLogin, $sPassword);

It is assumed that the code itself is located in main Aurora Files directory. If that's not the case, you'll need to adjust the filesystem path which points to autoload.php file. Of course, you can supply full filesystem path there.