WebMail Lite 8 Documentation

Installation instructions

You can download the package from:


You need to unpack it into web directory created for the installation. Upon installing the product, you'll need to configure your installation.


  1. Make sure data directory is writable by web server. For example:
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/lite

It is advised to run Compatibility test to check that server meets the requirements, and that data directory has correct permissions set.

  1. It is strongly recommended to run the product under https. If you run it under http, the majority of features will still be available, but some functionality aspects, such as authentication with Google account, won't work.

To enable automatic redirect from http to https, set RedirectToHttps to true in data/settings/config.json file.

Protecting data directory

All configuration files of the application and user data are stored in data directory, so it's important to protect data directory to make sure that users cannot access that directory over the Internet directly.