WebMail Lite Documentation

Install on cPanel from ZIP package

cPanel installer for WebMail Lite offers a fully automated way to install the product on cPanel server. However, this installation method doesn't allow for using advanced features of the product, such as API calls, configuring login page, etc.

To be able to use the full set of WebMail Lite features, installing from ZIP package is strongly recommended.

Unlike the case of cPanel installer, this option doesn't require root access, however the product is installed under one specific domain; it can be root directory or subdirectory of that domain.

The following guidelines shouldn't require in-depth knowledge of cPanel interface, still it's assumed you know the basics of how the interface works. The following tutorial may be helpful:
The Ultimate Tutorial to cPanel (Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners)

The first thing to do is to log into cPanel as non-root user; access URL typically looks like https://domain.name:2083 - and once there, open File Manager:

cPanel File Manager 1

Locate and open public_html directory, that's where WebMail Lite is installed:

cPanel File Manager 2

While it's possible to install the product directly into public_html directory, you may wish to create a subdirectory for WebMail Lite and call it, for example, mail (but not webmail, that one is reserved by cPanel itself):

cPanel File Manager 3

The next thing to do is download WebMail package from the website.

Upload it into a directory we've just created, and Extract it:

cPanel WebMail Pro upload

To proceed with installing the product, you'll need to setup MySQL database. That's done in "MySQL® Databases" section of cPanel interface:

cPanel MySQL 1

Be sure to create a database, a user, and add user to that database:

cPanel MySQL 2

Once that's done, log into AdminPanel interface by appending /adminpanel/ to WebMail installation URL, with default credentials of superadmin login and empty password:

cPanel WebMail Pro login

and proceed with configuring the product by specifying admin password, database credentials etc.

NB: If you're getting "Unknown error" on login screen, try setting "CsrfTokenProtection" to false in data/settings/modules/Core.config.json configuration file.

With WebMail Lite installed on cPanel, most likely you'll only need to add one mail server with specified as IMAP and SMTP host name. But of course, you can add multiple servers, pointing outside of cPanel server.

Also, password change feature is available for such an installation method, too.