WebMail Lite Documentation

Upgrading to WebMail Pro

Free opensource WebMail Lite offers base webmail functionality limited to email access, Contacts, OpenPGP and 2FA support.

In our commercial WebMail Pro application, you'll find a larger set of premium features, which include:

Unlike WebMail Lite, the Pro version comes with guaranteed free support via HelpDesk.

WebMail Pro is available for free full-featured 30-day trial download, so you can try it out and see if it meets your requirements, prior to purchasing a license. Note that WebMail Pro license depends on number of user accounts you need to serve; this documentation page covers the difference between users and accounts, as well as other related questions.

You can install WebMail Pro additionally to Lite on the same server with the separate database used, or upgrade the existing installation - that's done using the standard upgrading instructions of WebMail Pro.

If you have any questions regarding WebMail Pro, please feel free to contact us.