WebMail Lite Documentation

Advanced search

Searching for specific mail message is done by typing keywords in search bar in email screen of WebMail Lite interface. In this case, the search is performed in message headers - subject, From/To/CC, but not the message text body, for performance reasons.

If you need to search for specific words in message text, open Advanced Search pane by clicking small arrow to the right of the search bar, and type keywords in "Text" field. Alternatively, you can use the standard search mode, just append text: before the search words.

Using either Advanced Search pane, or by appending various prefixes to keywords in search bar, you can perform highly customized search.

Currently, the following search conditions are supported:

  • from: - sender of the message
  • to: - recipient, To and CC headers are processed
  • email: - address in From, To, CC headers
  • subject: - message subject
  • text: - text body of the message
  • date:yyyy.mm.dd/yyyy.mm.dd - lookup messages within a date range; either start or end dates can be skipped, so "date:yyyy.mm.dd/" and "date:/yyyy.mm.dd" formats are valid as well
  • has:unseen - show unread message only
  • has:attachments - show messages which contain attachments (the search feature needs to be supported by mail server)
  • folders:sub - search in current folder and its subfolders
  • folders:all - search in all folders of the account

It's possible to use multiple conditions in one search request - in that case, only the messages meeting all the search criteria will be returned (technically speaking, the conditions are joined in AND fashion rather than OR one). Search conditions are separated by a space character. For example, "has:unseen date:2020.11.01/" will show unread messages which arrived after 1 Nov 2020.