WebMail Lite Documentation

Override user settings

If you wish to disable specific functionality on your WebMail Lite installation, that's usually done by setting Disabled to true in configuration file of respective modules. For instance, setting Disabled to true in data/settings/modules/ContactsWebclient.config.json will disable Contacts screen and contacts-related functionality in other screens, such as composing new mails.

But if you wish to disable certain features for specific domains, that's done by setting up OverrideUserSettings module. In data/settings/modules/OverrideUserSettings.config.json file, set Disabled to false, supply a list of domains, and for each of the domains, list the modules which need to be disabled. Sample configuration file would look like this:

"Domains": [
        {"name": "afterlogic.com", "modules": ["Calendar"]},
        {"name": "test.de", "modules": ["Contacts", "Files"]}
    "Defines a list of domains, with a list of features disabled for each of those domains" 

You should be able to turn any module that way, but this functionality is focused on Contacts and Mail.

Be careful with JSON syntax, remember that the last element of the list must not have a trailing comma.

NB: This module only affects new accounts being created in WebMail Lite database. Any accounts which already are in the database are not altered by this functionality.