WebMail Lite Documentation

Password change for ISPConfig

This module allows users to change passwords on their email accounts in ISPConfig.


If you have installed WebMail Lite from Git, you can follow the instructions for adding a module. If you've installed the product from ZIP, there's a simple approach available.


After installing the module, you should find its configuration file at data/settings/modules/MailChangePasswordIspconfigPlugin.config.json:

    "Disabled": [
    "SupportedServers": [
    "DbUser": [
    "DbPass": [
    "DbName": [
    "DbHost": [

NB: In the above configuration, you need to supply MySQL credentials used by ISPConfig itself, not by your WebMail Lite installation. It's MySQL root credentials you obtain when installing ISPConfig, and "dbispconfig" is the default database name used.

For SupportedServers, you need to supply array of mailserver hostnames or IP addresses the feature is enabled for. If you put "*" item there, it means the feature is enabled for all accounts.

To make sure "Change Password" button is displayed, set "Disabled" to false in data/settings/modules/ChangePasswordWebclient.config.json configuration file.