MailSuite Pro documentation

Password reset

Starting from version 9.1.1 of MailSuite Pro, it's possible to configure the product so users can set recovery email for their accounts and use "Forgot password" feature.

To enable password reset feature, set Disabled to false in /opt/afterlogic/html/data/settings/modules/StandardResetPassword.config.json configuration file. If the feature is enabled, users will see "Forgot password?" link on login screen of MailSuite Pro installation.

Then you need to configure this functionality by navigating to "Password reset" screen of admin interface:

Password reset - Admin interface

The most important part here is how emails will be sent. Typically you would wish to use SMTP option, unless you have reconfigured PHP for using its mail() function on the server.

You need to specify email address used for sending recovery email messages. If that email account is hosted by this MailSuite Pro installation, select "Using SMTP with account settings"; you can also use some external account, if you choose "Using SMTP" and specify SMTP server details and credentials of that account.

Once that's done, users should be able to use "Forgot password" feature - but first, they need to set recovery email for that account, that's done in "Password reset" screen of the account settings:

Password reset - Admin interface

NB: it is not enough to supply email address there; once you specify it, email message will be sent to that email address, you will need to click a link in it, and if the link is still valid, recovery email will be set.