MailSuite Pro documentation

Preventing clickjacking attacks with X-Frame-Options header

It's possible to disallow embedding MailSuite Pro interface into IFrame, which can be helpful towards preventing clickjacking attacks. This is done by forcing specific value of X-Frame-Options HTTP header, you can read more about it at this Wikipedia page.

In current version, embedding MailSuite Pro interface into IFrame is disallowed by default, that's achieved by setting XFrameOptions parameter to "SAMEORIGIN" in data/settings/config.json file:

    "XFrameOptions": [
        "If set to SAMEORIGIN, disallows embedding product interface into IFrame to prevent from clickjacking attacks"

Note that even with this setting applied, you will still be able to use the embedding yourself, as long as MailSuite Pro and the page containing IFrame are within the same domain.

If you wish to enable embedding MailSuite Pro interface into IFrame, set "XFrameOptions" value to empty string.