MailSuite Pro documentation

Upgrading instructions

If you'd like to install newer version of MailSuite Pro for Linux, you need to remove the package you've installed previously. You can do this with your favorite package management software.

But before doing this, you might want to back up existing data so that you don't have to reconfigure the product once again, and keep domains and accounts you've created before.

This can be done by downloading and running backup script. It will put backup copy of the data to backups subdirectory of main /opt/afterlogic directory.

The script accepts one of the following parameters:

* backup - backup current configuration;

* restore YYYY-MM-DD - revert to backup for the given date.

Since there's a chance to have /opt/afterlogic directory structure removed while uninstalling existing version, you can modify a script and choose a different path for storing backup copies, just make sure sufficient write permissions are granted for that directory.

After creating backup and removing older version of the product installation, download actual version here.

If you are upgrading from MailSuite Pro 6.x or older version, you will need a new license key, contact us to get one. Be sure to use the same email address you used to purchase the product.

If you upgrade to v7.6.11 or newer from v7.6.10 or older, you will need to reset AdminPanel password.