WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Advanced configuration via config.php file

Basic set of WebMail Pro configuration options is defined in settings.xml file. However, WebMail Pro PHP also allows for low-level configuration. The file used for this is data/settings/config.php and it's also used when configuring plugin API.

Just like settings.xml file, config.php is located in the data directory and thus is not affected during product installation upgrades.

By default, config.php file contains a number of predefined values. Specifying a value for particular configuration options means adding pair of key and value according to regular PHP syntax, e.g.:

return array(
	'plugins.voice-message' => true,

Below, you'll find a list of options currently supported. In case if the value is not explicitly specified in data/settings/config.php file, default values are retrieved from libraries/afterlogic/common/config.php file. This file is for reference purposes only: do not modify it!


File used for webmail logging.
Default value: "log-$sCurrentDate.txt"


File used for users activity logging.
Default value: "event-$sCurrentDate.txt"

Both the above options use $sCurrentDate value which may be redefined in the same config.php file according to date function syntax:

$sCurrentDate = date('Y-m-d');


The setting defines size of the log file extract available through adminpanel (in Kbytes).
Default value: 100


Full filesystem path pointing to location for storing logs.


Defines whether javascript files compression and merging is used.
To speed up loading WebMail Pro interface, JavaScript files are compressed on server. You might need to turn this off, in some cases, particularly if you feel that GZip compression doesn't work on your server as expected.
Default value: true


Number of subsequent login errors which invokes CAPTCHA.
Default value: 3

captcha.recaptcha-private-key, captcha.recaptcha-public-key

Keys for configuring reCaptcha.


Socket connection timeout limit (in seconds).
Default value: 20


Socket stream access timeout (in seconds).
Default value: 20


Setting it to true enables SSL certificate check.


Encoding used by default if not specified in a message.
Default value: iso-8859-1


Encoding used for composing mails.
Default value: utf-8


Defines whether messages are prefetched.
To minimize response time when selecting a message, WebMail Pro fetches messages from server in background.
Default value: true


The file used to launch WebMail in IFrame (e.g. iframe-webmail.php).
This is especially useful if you embed WebMail Pro into your own web application.
If set to null, WebMail is launched in regular way (not in IFrame).
Default value: null


Languages considered to be Right-To-Left ones by WebMail.
Default value: array('Hebrew', 'Arabic', 'Persian')


X-Mailer value used in outgoing mails.
Default value: 'AfterLogic webmail client'


Allows for switching message editor to plaintext mode and back to HTML.


When used alongside with the previous option, plaintext mode is set as a default one.


Additional character interface for filtering contacts in address book.
Default value: false


Allow creating system folders if those are not found on mail server.
WebMail attempts to locate special (system) folders like Trash, Drafts, Sent Items. If particular folder is not found, WebMail can create it, and you can disable this of course.
Default value: true


Unlike the previos setting, enables creating system folders on each login.


Flag used for marking message as Forwarded.
If empty, the functionality is disabled.
Default value: '$Forwarded'


Memory limit set by WebMail for resource-consuming operations (in Mbytes).
Default value: 200


Time limit set by WebMail for resource-consuming operations (in seconds).
Default value: 3000


Number of prefetched message lists.
Aside from prefetching messages themselves, WebMail Pro would also prefetch first page of message list for every folder. This configuration option limits number of folders scanned.
Default value: 5


Max. size of message allowed to be prefetched.
Default value: 76800


Max number of contacts, for autocompletion drop-down.
Default value: 20


Enable saving drafts automatically. Saving is performed once a minute, assuming it is supported by particular IMAP server.
Default value: true


Defines upper limit for message size allowed for loading completely (IMAP4 only).
If message size is less then that, it will be loaded in full, partially otherwise (using bodystructure request).
Default value: 20000


By default, prefixes in message subject are merged when creating reply, and count of threaded mails is added when possible (e.g. Re: Fw: Re: or Re[24]:)
If this option is set to false, only one prefix will be left.
Default value: true


Enables browsers to add WebMail Pro as an application for mailto links.
Default value: true


Lists skins currently available in WebMail Pro interface. When new skin is created or a modified copy of existing one is uploaded, its name needs to be added to this array.
Default value: array('Default', 'DeepForest', 'OpenWater', 'Funny', 'BlueJeans', 'White')


Denotes URL of help page for importing contacts, for example:


Denotes download link for Outlook Sync plugin for Aurora, 32-bit version.
Default value: 'http://www.afterlogic.com/download/OutlookSyncAddIn.msi'


Denotes download link for Outlook Sync plugin for Aurora, 64-bit version.
Default value: 'http://www.afterlogic.com/download/OutlookSyncAddIn64.msi'


Denotes URL of help page for Outlook Sync plugin for Aurora.
Default value: 'http://www.afterlogic.com/docs/aurora/configuring-webmail/outlook-sync'


Which email should be treated as primary one in contact object.
Supported values: EPrimaryEmailType::Home, EPrimaryEmailType::Business, EPrimaryEmailType::Other
Default value: EPrimaryEmailType::Home

The 'temp.cron-time-...' settings affect functionality of purging folder of temporary files when API method CApiWebmailManager->ClearTempFiles() is called.


Minimal timeframe between two runs of cron script (in seconds).
Default value: 10800 (3 hours)


If file is older than this it is considered outdated.
Default value: 10800 (3 hours)


This file stores information on last launch of the script.
Default value: '.clear.dat'


Enable plugins in WebMail.
Default value: true


Force enabling all the plugins.
Default value: false


Enable "webmail" plugin if exists. The plugin is mandatory, altering value and removing the plugin is not recommended.
Default value: true


Enable external services plugin.
Default value: true

There are also several 'labs.' configuration options, those are experimental and their values should be changed with caution.


Specifies language used in error messages, within AdminPanel etc. Corresponding language files are found under libraries/afterlogic/common/i18n directory.
Default value: en


Specifies default font used in message compose and quick reply windows.


Specifies default font size for message compose and quick reply windows.
Supported values: 2, 3, 5, 7.
Default value is 3 which corresponds to 16px, 2 is 13px.


If set to true, Common > External Services tab is enabled in AdminPanel.
Default value: true


If set to true, minified file static/js/app.min.js is used instead of app.js file.
Default value: true


Enable Google Analytics integration on login screen. Supply account ID to enable that.


Enable caching for language files.
Default value: true


Enable caching for interface templates.
Default value: true


Setting this option to true enables Sending login credentials via POST
Default value: false


Setting this option to false disables generating previews for attachments, which is rather resource-consuming operation. See Fixing performance / CPU load issues documentation page for details.
Default value: true


Setting this option to false disables viewing office documents.


Setting this option to true enables saving mails as PDF files.
Default value: false


If set to SAMEORIGIN, disallows embedding product interface into IFrame, see Preventing clickjacking attacks with X-Frame-Options header documentation page for details.


If set to false, users will not be allowed to configure OpenPGP functionality for their accounts, regardless of AdminPanel and settings.xml options.
Default value: true


By default, WebMail Pro will use STARTTLS if it's advertised by the server. If you have mailserver and WebMail Pro installation running on the same system, you may wish to turn it off and set this value to false as using STARTTLS is really useful for connecting to remote servers only.


If set to false, token-based CSRF protection is disabled. Turning it off is generally not recommended, unless the feature conflicts with existing environment for some reason.


If set to true, error messages displayed in web interface will include error response the way it's returned by the server. See Displaying detailed error information documentation page for more info.
Default value: false


If this value is set, users will be redirected to page with this URL when entering WebMail Pro URL. It only affects login screen. If user is logged in already, they are redirected directly into WebMail Pro instead.


If this value is set, users will be redirected to page with this URL upon logging out, whether it's done by clicking Logout or due to inactivity.


By default, CSS definitions found in email messages are suppressed to prevent from breaking WebMail Pro web interface. Setting this option to true enables conversion of those styles to inline ones wherever possible, which may improve the look of a message.
Default value: false


If set to true, changing folders order in Manage Folders screen is disallowed.
Default value: false


If set to true, WebMail Pro will detect if user has logged in using a device powered by iOS and will offer iOS profile download. Setting it to false skips iOS detection and any subsequent actions related to that.
Default value: true


By default this value is set to false, passwords are not stored in iOS profiles for increased security. Setting it to true will result in having full set of credentials in iOS profile which may be bit more convenient yet less secure.


Settings this to true enables DAV access via web browser, which is helpful towards determining if authentication is configured correctly. See Mobile sync / Troubleshooting documentation page for more info.


Denotes hypothetical quota value for accounts which show as those without IMAP quota set.
Default value: 104857600 (corresponds to 100Gb)


By default, WebMail Pro shows the date information as it's reported by IMAP server. If this option is set to true, date is obtained from message headers instead. Changing the value may be needed if message sorting doesn't seem to be correct, see Emails are not sorted correctly documentation page for more info.
Default value: false


If set to true, search for attachments will use IMAP body structure which may improve search results.
Default value: false


By default, mail folders tree shows fully collapsed. Setting this option to true results in displaying the tree fully expanded by default.
Default value: false


Advanced login option, described in detail at: Using Advanced Login feature.


Setting this to true allows for attaching files to calendar events.


By default, email notifications are sent out if events are created in shared calendars. If set to true, notifications are sent once events are modified as well.


If set to true, calendar will have owner's email address appended to its name when shared.