WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Configuring global address book

WebMail Pro offers Global address book feature. Technically, it presents a list of users within the domain. In other words, it's not about a list of contacts - it's about list of user accounts. In user interface, Global address book is displayed under Team tab of Contacts screen.

Main configuration parameters of global address book are defined in data/settings/settings.xml file:


If set to On (default value), global address book settings are available in AdminPanel and the feature can be enabled for specific domain.

If set to Off, global address book feature is disabled globally on the product installation.


Denotes default visibility setting for global address book.

  • Off (default value) - global address book is disabled for specific domain;
  • DomainWide - global address book shows users of the same domain;
  • SystemWide - global address book shows users of the entire installation.
  • TenantWide - global address book shows users of current tenant. (Aurora only)
  • Note that, unlike ShowGlobalContactsInAddressBook which works as a global override, GlobalAddressBookVisibility value is used a default one when new domain is added. This value can be adjusted via AdminPanel > Domains > default settings > Address book > Global address book.

    For a particular domain, global address book is configured in exactly the same way: Domain wide to access list of users for the domain, System wide to provide complete list of users of the installation, Off to disable the feature for users of this domain.