WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Enabling plain text support for message editor

In WebMail Pro version 7.7.7, we've added an option that allows for switching message editor to plaintext mode, and back to HTML.

To enable the feature, add the following item to the array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'webmail.allow-compose-plain-text' => true,

With this option enabled, users will see "Turn on plaintext mode" / "Turn off plaintext mode" switch under the message editor window. When switching from HTML to plaintext, users are warned that HTML formatting will be lost.

In account settings, a new option is added under Common screen: "Use plaintext on compose by default".

This mode can also be set as a default one globally, that's done by adding the following item in config.php file:

'webmail.compose-plain-text-default' => true,

Note for advanced users:
When the message is composed in HTML mode, it still has plaintext body generated automatically from HTML body. In case if the message is composed and sent out in plaintext mode, it doesn't have HTML body so can't have formatting or embedded images, but can still have attachments.