WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Installation Instructions

PHP edition of WebMail Pro can be installed on virtually any Linux flavor, with Apache or nginx used as web server, or on Windows with either IIS or Apache/nginx used.

Install on Linux

Install on Windows

Important: Protecting data directory

All configuration files of the application are stored in data directory which shouldn't be accessible over the web, so it's important to protect data directory. The recommended approach is to move it outside of web directory, or at least rename it so the name can't be easily guessed.

To let WebMail know the new name and location of the data directory, create inc_settings_path.php file in root WebMail dir, or modify it if it's already there. It should have the following content:

$dataPath = '/new/location/of/data';

where $dataPath value contains filesystem path of data directory location, it can be either absolute or relative path.

Optional features

Setting up filters, autoresponders, forwarding

Downloading all attachments as ZIP archive