WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Allow users to change account passwords

By default, users cannot change email account passwords using WebMail Pro, as that's not supported by standard IMAP or SMTP protocols. However, it might still be possible to let them do that, if your usage scenario matches one of the cases listed below.

Use POPPASSD to let users change their passwords

POPPASSD is a program that changes system passwords thus allowing users to change their mail passwords. If, in your mail server environment, each email account is represented by system user, installing POPPASSD would allow for changing user account passwords.

If the feature is available on server, you just need to enable POPPASSD plugin in WebMail. Note that some mail services provide POPPASSD support out-of-box. For example, if you're using Plesk Panel, password change will be available with no need to reconfigure the server.

The plugin is available from this repository page.

Password change for email accounts hosted by hMailServer

hMailServer is a popular free mail server for Windows, and AfterLogic WebMail can be used with it. We offer a plugin which enables password change option in user account settings, so that user can change their email account password.

Password change for ISPConfig

This plugin enables password change feature for AfterLogic WebMail running within ISPConfig control panel, so that user can change their email account password from within WebMail account settings area.

My case isn't listed, what do I do?

If there's no existing plugin for your mailserver software, but you're aware of how the passwords can be changed there programmatically, you can take one of the plugins and implement the required logic. Of course, we always welcome any contributions to plugin repository, so please send us your plugin modifications if you believe they might help others.