WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Configuring default domain settings


In most cases, you can use WebMail Pro without adding any domains and use default domain settings. But in case if you need need to serve email accounts on several mail servers, or you require different settings (skin, language etc.) for different domains, adding domains is required.

Mail server settings

Open Domains tab and select "Default domain settings" from the list of domains, you'll have the list of domain configuration options. These setting will be inherited by domains you add, so the list of settings will mostly be the same for domains you add too.

You can specify hostnames and ports here. Clicking Use SSL box will set port number to one used for SSL-enabled servers (993 for IMAP, 465 for SMTP).

There are three SMTP authentication modes you can choose from:

* No authentication - SMTP authentication will not be used at all. This can often be used for sending mails within intranet domains. When sending mails to external domains, authentication is usually required.

* Use specified login - this option is to be used when all the accounts should use the same predefined combination of login and password for SMTP authentication.

* Use incoming mail's login/password of the user - user login details will be used for SMTP authentication.

General tab

Under General tab of default domain settings, you set if users are allowed to configure their account settings as well as look'n'feel of their accounts. You also specify the site name shown in browser header, default language, timezone and time format.

WebMail tab

Now let's take a look into Webmail tab. Enable webmail option is useful when you need to take the installation down for maintenance.

Normally, user would log in by supplying his/her email address and password. However, it is possible to add one or several accounts additionally to a primary one, then user can switch between them with handy dropdown tool. The important thing is, additional accounts do not count towards number of users limited by the license: even if user adds 100 accounts to his/her primary one, that's still one user.

In this tab, you also set default number of messages displayed per page. WebMail is capable of checking mail automatically at a selected rate, so you can set a default rate or turn this off.

Address Book tab

Under Address book tab, you choose whether you'd like your users to have address book (Contacts screen) available, and if yes, define number of contacts per page.

WebMail Pro allows using address autocompletion, so when you start typing the address, you'll get dropdown list of matching options. Those are picked from your address book and from the addresses you have ever sent mail to.

Calendar tab

Calendaring application of WebMail Pro can be enabled or disabled, you can set various default configuration values for it.