WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Configuring global address book for LDAP and Active Directory

By default, global address book of WebMail Pro contains full list of WebMail Pro users, and the list is available under Team tab of Contacts screen.

But if you have LDAP storage of some kind, you might want to use global address book stored there instead of built-in one. Typical scenario is using address book of Active Directory.

To configure access to your LDAP storage, add the following items to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'gcontacts.ldap' => true,
'gcontacts.ldap.host' => '',
'gcontacts.ldap.port' => 389,
'gcontacts.ldap.bind-dn' => 'Administrator',
'gcontacts.ldap.bind-password' => 'AdminPassword',
'gcontacts.ldap.search-dn' => 'CN=Users,DC=dom2,DC=local',

These settings denote hostname and port of your LDAP server, username and password of admininstrative account, and search pattern used for looking up user records.

For the purpose of fine-tuning search, the following parameters are supported additionally:

'gcontacts.ldap.contact-object-class' => 'user',
'gcontacts.ldap.uid-field-name' => 'cn',
'gcontacts.ldap.email-field-name' => 'mail',
'gcontacts.ldap.name-field-name' => 'displayName',
'gcontacts.ldap.skip-empty-email' => true,

Additionally, you might want to enable logging users in via LDAP, that's done using the following plugin:

Plugins: Authentication via LDAP in Active Directory