WebMail Pro 7 documentation

Using Advanced Login feature

By default, login page of WebMail Pro allows for entering email and password, and checking "Remember Me" box. It's possible to tweak that form to an extent - while with Advanced Login feature, you can allow users to select IMAP/SMTP hostnames, port numbers, etc.

The feature is enabled and configured in data/settings/config.php file by supplying an array as follows:

'login.advanced' => array(
    'Enabled' => true,
    'ShowUseSmtpAuth' => true,
    'UseSmtpAuth' => true,
    'IncomingPort' => 143,
    'IncomingSslPort' => 993,
    'IncomingUseSsl' => true,
    'OutgoingPort' => 587,
    'OutgoingSslPort' => 465,
    'OutgoingUseSsl' => true,

The values denote:

  • whether advanced login option is enabled;
  • default value of SMTP Auth box, and if the box should be displayed;
  • default values for IMAP and SMTP port numbers, with and without SSL used;
  • default states of SSL checkboxes for IMAP and SMTP.

The list of hostnames is specified in data/settings/hosts.txt file, one entry per line. User can only pick one of the hosts found there, using dropdown with autocompletion, specifying arbitrary host is not allowed. However, if hosts.txt file is empty, there's no dropdown and any values can be entered for IMAP/SMTP hostnames.

Initially, the standard login form is displayed, with "More options" link shown:

Advanced Login Ref1

And clicking that link will open Advanced Login form. If you start typing in "IMAP Server" or "SMTP Server" field, you'll get autocompletion suggestions based on hosts.txt file content:

Advanced Login Ref2 Advanced Login Ref3