WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

Database Settings


WebMail Pro requires database backend, and the database access details are specified on this page.

MS SQL Server / MySQL Server

SQL Login

Specifies Login name to access SQL database.

SQL password

Specifies Password to access SQL database.

Database name

The name of database in SQL server where you want WebMail to operate with. All required tables are created automatically ones by WebMail, when you first time enter database name.


Specify Host field if you wish to connect through TCP/IP

ODBC Data source (DSN)

Specify Data Source Name if you wish to connect through DSN to database.

ODBC Connection String

WebMail supports DSN strings which can be used for database connection instead of supplying the above set of credentials.

Test connection

Once the database credentials are supplied, be sure to press this button to check if those are correct.

Create tables

This button should only be pressed during initial setup to create database tables.


After upgrading the product to subsequent version, use this button to bring database structure in compliance within currently required one.