WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

Sort and/or search feature doesn't work. Why?

In case of POP3 account, this is due to Direct Mode set for the account. This mode means WebMail Pro accesses messages directly on mail server without downloading them to database, but POP3 protocol doesn't support sort/search on server side. To get sort/search working, select another sync mode:

* All Headers / New Headers - sort and search work, but you can search in message headers only;

* All Messages / New Messages - sort and search (in message headers and bodies) work.

As for Direct Mode in IMAP accounts, some mail servers support server side search which is in fact optional extension of IMAP protocol. Moreover, many its implementations don't work reliably.

If your IMAP server supports search extension, WebMail will try to use it. However, if search is not available in a certain folder of your IMAP account or it works incorrectly, you should change sync mode for that folder as described above for POP3 accounts. The difference is that sync mode is set for entire POP3 account, but for each folder individually in case of IMAP account.