WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

How to add menu item

WebMail Pro menu contains, aside from email address (or email selector if multiple accounts are used), only two items by default - Contacts and Calendar. You might want to add one or several your own menu items, especially if you're using WebMail as a solid part of your project.

In order to do this, open js/common/defines.js file and find the following code there:

var CustomTopLinks = [
     //{ Name: 'Google', Link: 'http://google.com/' }

The idea is really straightforward, you need to supply an array of objects having name and link provided for each of them. For instance:

var CustomTopLinks = [
     { Name: 'Google', Link: 'http://google.com/' },
     { Name: 'Hotmail', Link: 'http://hotmail.com/' },
     { Name: 'Yahoo', Link: 'http://yahoo.com/' }

Be sure to clear web browser cache in order to apply changes.