WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation



Users in AfterLogic WebMail terms are e-mail addresses. They can belong to a certain domain (if it's created in AfterLogic WebMail explicitly) or be 'Users not in domain' (i.e. belong to domains not created in AfterLogic WebMail). Domains allow you to specify a bunch of settings common for all user accounts (i.e. e-mail addresses) belonging to them.

Edit user

Enable user

If the option is unchecked, user will not be able to log into his/her WebMail Pro account.


Username used for authentication on incoming (POP3/IMAP) mail server. Some mail servers require username to be a full e-mail address, other ones - pure username without a domain part.

Friendly name

User's friendly name ("Your name" ). Added to "From" address only if "Use Friendly Name in "From:" field" is enabled.