WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

Is WebMail Pro ASP.NET shipped with the full source code? Can I modify it?

Yes, AfterLogic WebMail Pro ASP.NET is shipped with the full source code and you're free to modify it to implement any feature you need.

Note: WebMail Pro package includes MailBee.NET.dll redistributable which is the mailing component used by WebMail Pro. The source code for MailBee.NET.dll is not included.

If you're about to implement a feature in user interface, don't forget that AfterLogic WebMail Pro provides two modes of user interface: AJAX and PDA, so you should take care of implementing the feature in both the modes.

Also, AfterLogic WebMail Pro supports skins engine and you can easily create your own skin or modify any of the existing ones.

Please note that we only support the original product functionality. Product modifications are the responsibility of the client, and once the product is modified by the client, we can not support a customized product. All issues that fall outside of answering questions related to our unmodified products must be addressed to our Professional Services team.

Once you modified the source code, you'd need to recompile it to get the changes come into effect. You can do this via MS Visual Studio 2005 or above (Visual Studio 2005 must be with SP1) or compile.bat file shipped in AfterLogic WebMail Pro package (you can find it in WEBMAIL folder). In case if you use Visual Studio, WebMail Pro project must be opened as a web application, not as a web site. Express version of Visual Studio cannot be used as it doesn't support opening web applications.

If you don't have Visual Studio installed, just run compile.bat in web folder of your current WebMail Pro installation.