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Managing domains and users


In most cases, particularly when your mail server and WebMail Pro are installed on the same machine, you can use WebMail Pro install straight away without setting up anything, and your users will be able to access their accounts just fine. You can fine-tune default domain settings to specify mail server hostname, default skin etc. But if there's a particular situation when your need to serve email accounts on several mail servers or you require different settings (skin, language etc.) for different domains, you'll need to add one or several domains in AdminPanel.

Managing domains

Configuring default domain settings

Main article: Configuring default domain settings

Adding a domain

Open Domains tab and click "New domain" button. You'll be prompted with a name of the domain to be added, and "Override default domain settings" checkbox. If you don't tick the box, all the settings will be effectively inherited by the new domain and the domain is added without any further questions.


If you selected "Override default domain settings" you'll have almost the same set of options as those you had for default domain, with one substantial difference - there will be new "Web domain" field.

If you have WebMail Pro serving multiple mail domains, you might want it to pick default settings based on the URL (its domain part, to be exact) user is coming through. Web domain is a pattern used for matching domain in address bar of a browser against domain in WebMail Pro, and if there's no match for any domain, default domain options will be used. See this page for details.

Editing a domain

Regardless of whether you chose to override default domain settings or not, you can always amend the domain configuration. You can supply hostnames and ports for incoming and outgoing mail, but you can't change the protocol type (IMAP/POP3).

Important: When you edit configuration of the domain you have added already, Override default domain settings box does not have effect on incoming/outgoing mail settings, they will be applied regardless of the checkbox state. It only affects the settings available in the tabs below (General, WebMail, Address Book, Calendar).

Deleting a domain

If you no longer require particular domain to be set up in your WebMail Pro installation, you can delete it by selecting the domain and clicking "Delete" button in main toolbar. You can select multiple domains with a checkbox in domains list and delete all of them at a time.

It is a requirement to have no email accounts set up in the particular domain. If there's at least one account there, you will not be able to delete a domain, so be sure to delete users first.

After deleting a domain, you might want to recheck the assignments made on Subadmins page.

Managing domains with multiple administrators

In certain situations it might be necessary to assign one or more additional admins which are granted control over specified set of domains. You can do that by adding subadmins.

Managing user accounts

Creating users

The substantial change in WebMail Pro 6 is that user accounts are no longer created in AdminPanel. The only way this is done now is by logging in for the first time. If the domain is configured in Domains tab and the email address matches the settings, user account will be created automatically.

Domain part of the email address is compared with the domains added to Domains tab. If it doesn't match any of those, WebMail would attempt to log in using default domain settings, and if it doesn't work either, account will not be created and error message will be shown. The same would happen if username or password is not accepted by mail server.

If you have several domains and all of them are hosted by the same mail server, you probably wouldn't require to add the domains explicitly. Just make sure default domain settings match your server, and then user accounts will be created just fine regardless of domain part of the email address, if the credentials themselves are valid for the given server of course.

Editing users

There are two methods to access users list for particular domain:

1. In Domains tab, select the domain and click Show users of this domain link.

2. Alternately, open Users tab and select the domain from dropdown menu. "Users not in domain" option stands for accounts created within a default domain.

Unlike older versions, WebMail Pro 6 doesn't offer administrative control over user account settings, particularly since those settings are inherited from the domain configuration. Actually, the only account option which can be changed by administrator is Friendly Name field.

Enabling and disabling users

If you'd like to prevent user from accessing his/her WebMail account, you can select the account and click "Disable" button. This can be reverted by clicking "Enable" button. Ticking and unticking "User Enabled" box in user settings has exactly the same effect.

Deleting users

If you'd like to remove some accounts which are no longer used, or for any other reason, use "Delete" button for that. Remember that you'll need to delete all the user accounts from the particular domain to be able to delete that domain from WebMail Pro. You can select multiple user accounts with a checkbox in users list and delete all of them at a time.