WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

I'm getting "Can't connect to POP3 server, check POP3 server settings". How to resolve?

Typical reasons:

* the mail host you try to connect to doesn't have POP3 service running;

* a firewall/antivirus application (installed on the workstation/server WebMail is installed on) doesn't allow WebMail to connect to the POP3 server.

Make sure POP3 server address is specified correctly. You may try to connect to the same POP3 server via another e-mail client like Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to make sure it works. Also, you should configure your firewall/antivirus to allow WebMail to send/receive messages through SMTP/POP3 (25 and 110 ports). To learn if the issue is caused by the firewall/antivirus, just temporarily disable it for test purpose and try to reproduce the issue.

Also, many smart antiviruses/firewalls have whitelists which contain well known software like Outlook Express. Due to this, such whitelisted software may be allowed to connect to POP3/SMTP servers while WebMail not. If your antivirus/firewall supports such a list, just add AfterLogic WebMail there.