WebMail Pro ASP.NET documentation

Managing subadmins


In certain situations it might be necessary to assign one or more additional admins which are granted control over specified set of domains. In WebMail Pro we call them subadmins. They can manage users of these domains and override default settings for these domains (mail hosts, skin, language, timezone, etc).

For example, your company has mailboxes on several domains, particular domain for certain projects, and you have different admins for each one of the domains.

Adding subadmin

Navigate to Subadmins tab and click "New Subadmin" button. Fill a form of the following kind:

You'll need to supply login and password for new subadmin, this set of credentials will be used to access AdminPanel. You can also provide descriptive text for this subadmin role, this is the only optional field here.

Specify one or several domains this subadmin will have control over. It is assumed that domains are added under Domains tab already. If it's not the case, be sure to add domains first.

Editing subadmin

When you're in Subadmins screen, you'll see the current list of subadmins. Select a record to edit the particular subadmin, you'll get exactly the same form as you had for adding subadmins.

Deleting subadmin

If you'd like to cancel access for particular subadmin, select the entry in subadmins list and click "Delete" button.