WebMail Pro documentation

Configuring X-Original-IP header name

When composing email message and sending it out, WebMail Pro includes X-Originating-IP header which holds IP address of user sending the email, as opposed to IP address of WebMail Pro installation.

One of our valued customers notified us that such a header name was triggering antispam system, and while they prefer having the header in the mail messages sent out, they asked if the header name can be configurable.

As of version 8.3.18, the header is renamed to X-Original-IP, and WebMail Pro allows for supplying a custom name for this header, that's done by editing XOriginatingIPHeaderName in data/settings/modules/Mail.config.json configuration file. If you supply an empty value, such a header will not be added to outgoing mails.

NB: If the above value is missing in your configuration file, make sure you're on the latest version, and try clicking "Update configuration" button in Database Settings screen of WebMail Pro admin interface.