WebMail Pro documentation

Install on Plesk

You can easily install WebMail Pro on Plesk server as a fast and neat alternative to the built-in webmail client.

It's assumed that you install WebMail Pro to some primary domain (e.g. webhosting.com). All your clients will be able to check their Plesk e-mail accounts using a single instance of WebMail Pro (e.g. webhosting.com/webmail). Note that "Change password" option is supported out-of-box.

NB: WebMail Pro is already available in Application Vault of Plesk, so there should be no need to perform steps 1-5 and proceed to step 6 directly. However, Application Vault may provide an older version of the product, while downloading Plesk package from our website always provides an up-to-date one.

1. Download Plesk app of WebMail Pro on your local computer.

2. In Plesk, navigate to "Tools & Utilites" -> "Application Vault" and click "My Apps".

3. Click "Add App", then click Browse and locate webmail-pro-plesk.zip file on your local computer.

4. Clear "Available to customers" checkbox unless you want your clients to be able to install their own copies of WebMail Pro on their domains.

5. Click OK to add WebMail Pro into Application Vault.

The WebMail Pro application should now appear in My Apps list.

6. Navigate to "WebSites & Domains", select the domain where to install WebMail Pro, and click the "Control Panel" link of that domain. In there, click Applications tab, and select "All Available Applications" option.

7. Search for "afterlogic", locate WebMail Pro in the list and click "Install". The installation process should then complete in a few moments.

NB: By default, the product is installed under root of selected domain, and random username/password for admin access are generated. If you wish to install into a subdirectory, or supply admin credentials explicitly, select "Install (Custom)" option in dropdown menu instead of "Install".

8. WebMail Pro is ready for use. Anybody who has an e-mail account on your Plesk Panel server can now check their e-mail at "Installed at" URL.

9. If you wish to fine-tune WebMail Pro installation, you can login into AdminPanel by adding /adminpanel/index.php to WebMail URL, with Username and Password shown at WebMail Pro page in Plesk interface.