WebMail Pro documentation

Advanced cPanel integration


It is possible to install WebMail Pro on cPanel server, either from a standard package (recommended) or using cPanel installer.

Once you have the product installed and configured on cPanel, you can enable password change module for it, and even have public signup.

Additionally, WebMail Pro offers a number of advanced integration options for cPanel.

Enabling cPanel integration

NB: This configuration is REQUIRED for enabling any of the features listed below.

To enable cPanel integration features, locate data/settings/modules/CpanelIntegrator.config.json and set Disabled there to false. Also, you'll need to supply credentials of your cPanel account in CpanelUser and CpanelPassword settings. If you have the product installed under specific domain, those would be login/password of cPanel account that hosts the domain. And in case if you have deployed server-level installation, you'll need to supply root as username, and root password, and set CpanelPort to 2087.

Also, once the module is enabled, you can supply the rest of configuration values in admin interface under System > CPanel tab.

Managing mail server setup

By default, it is assumed that cPanel module should be used with all the servers added in Mail Servers screen.

If you wish the module to affect only selected servers, edit SupportedServers setting in data/settings/modules/CpanelIntegrator.config.json file. This setting accepts an array of IMAP server hostnames/IPs cPanel features are to be used with.

Using Filters, Forwards and Autoresponders

For a while now, WebMail Pro supports working with filters, forwards and autoresponders on mailservers where Sieve support is available and ManageSieve agent is running. But we also have that support implemented for cPanel.

To make use of these features, set AllowForward, AllowAutoresponder and AllowFilters respectively to true in data/settings/modules/Mail.config.json file.

Creating and deleting accounts

If you create or delete user accounts via admin interface, you can have respective email accounts created/deleted on cPanel server itself.

The feature is enabled by setting AllowCreateDeleteAccountOnCpanel to true in data/settings/modules/CpanelIntegrator.config.json configuration file.

Note that you can also have user account removed from WebMail Pro when email account is removed from cPanel, please see Autodelete WebMail users on cPanel documentation page for details.

Creating aliases

Administrator can create aliases for email accounts. To unlock this feature, set AllowAliases to true in data/settings/modules/CpanelIntegrator.config.json configuration file.