WebMail Pro documentation

Install on DirectAdmin

You can install WebMail Pro on a server powered by DirectAdmin control panel, as an additional option for accessing e-mail accounts.

The installation is fully automated. To begin, download the installer package from here and extract it as follows:

wget https://afterlogic.com/download/webmail-directadmin.tar.gz
tar -xzvf ./webmail-directadmin.tar.gz

To perform the installation, root access is required. Open the installer directory, make sure that install script has sufficient execute permissions and run it:

cd ./webmail-directadmin
chmod a+x ./installer
./installer -t pro -a install

The installer downloads WebMail Pro package and performs the basic product configuration. The default installation path is /var/www/html/afterlogic.

In case if an existing WebMail Pro installation is found in this directory, the installer warns you about that:

AfterLogic WebMail already installed into /var/www/html/afterlogic! Replace the current version?[y/n]

If you choose to overwrite the existing installation, only files are replaced while all the database content is kept intact, the database structure and configuration files will be updated if necessary. Thus, you won't lose any existing data created by previous installations of WebMail Pro.

By default, /afterlogic alias is added so that any customer hosting a domain on your server will be able to access WebMail Pro at userdomain.com/afterlogic URL (where userdomain.com is the domain name of the customer).

Once the installation is over, it's recommended to navigate to WebMail Pro AdminPanel as suggested by the installer (you'll be provided with the default credentials to access the AdminPanel). Once entered the AdminPanel, you can replace the trial key (generated by the installer) with your permanent one, change the default password for AdminPanel access and configure the product any other way you like. This is, however, optional, as the installer sets up the product to fully operational state.

NB: In addition to default functionality of the product, password change module is activated by the installer, so users will be able to change passwords for their accounts hosted by DirectAdmin server.