WebMail Pro documentation

How to enable horizontal layout

By default, WebMail Pro uses vertical interface layout, also known as three-pane view:

Layout Vertical

Starting from version 8.2.15, it's possible to switch to horizontal layout of email screen. To enable that, check data/settings/modules/MailWebclient.config.json configuration file:

  • if AllowHorizontalLayout is set to true, users are allowed to switch layout modes;
  • if HorizontalLayoutByDefault is set to true, horizontal layout is automatically enabled for new user accounts created.

When AllowHorizontalLayout is true, Layout selection is added to Mail section of Settings screen:

Layout Settings

And with Horizontal Layout selected, email screen will look like this:

Layout Horizontal

Note that this setting only affects email screen, other screens such as contacts will be displayed the same way, regardless of this setting.