WebMail Pro documentation

Improving and adding translations

WebMail Pro is available in over 30 languages, and these translations were submitted by our customers. With new versions of the product released, new text constants are added so language files require improving.

In previous versions of the product, there was just one language file for each language. WebMail Pro, however, has a modular structure, and every module has its own translation. To make the process of adding and updating translations easier, we've created a special tool called Ini Mover. It's available on GitHub:

Ini Mover on GitHub

The tool is downloaded and deployed as follows:

git clone https://github.com/afterlogic/ini-mover-app
cd ./ini-mover-app
npm install
npm install electron -s
npm start

(We're assuming this is done within a development environment so Git and Node.js + NPM are in place already).

Alternately, you can download it as a ZIP package, extract it to a location of your choice and run IniMover.exe file.

Run the tool by entering npm start command. To begin, you'll need to click "Open" - the first toolbar button - and select modules directory of your WebMail Pro setup. Once the language files are loaded, you will see something like:

Ini Mover

The left pane holds the list of modules. When specific module is selected, right pane will show the list of constants, and their text values for each of the languages available there.

"+Add" button adds a new text constant to the module, "-Remove" button deletes currently selected one.

With "+ Add language" you can add a new language to the module you're currently working with. Using "- Remove language" button, a language can be deleted.

When adding new language, you're asked which one of currently available translations will be used as a template. Also, you can click "Toolbox" button to import template value for the text constant currently selected.

Upon making changes to text constants of the module, be sure to click "Save" button.
IMPORTANT: It only saves translation changes made to the currently selected module.

NB: To apply translation changes on your installation, make sure to purge data/cache/ directory content.

We appreciate if you share the translations by committing changes in GitHub repository, by opening a ticket in HelpDesk and posting the modified files, or by sending modified files to support@afterlogic.com address.