WebMail Pro documentation


You can customize WebMail Pro look by adding a logo onto login screen and to top-left corner of the main interface. In current version of WebMail Pro, it's done in Branding tab of admin interface:


Alternatively, you can supply logo URLs in data/settings/modules/BrandingWebclient.config.json file.

In version 8.3.18, another branding feature was added: you can now have IFrame at the top of WebMail Pro interface, with a custom content displayed there (advertisement, additional menu bar etc.)

This feature is adjusted in data/settings/modules/BrandingWebclient.config.json as well:

    "TopIframeUrl": [
        "URL of iframe displaying custom content (e.g. advertisement) on top of main interface"
    "TopIframeHeightPx": [
        "Height of iframe with custom content, in pixels"

TopIframeUrl denotes URL for IFrame content while its height in pixels is specified in TopIframeHeightPx configuration value.

NB: If the above values are missing in your configuration file, make sure you're on the latest version, and try clicking "Update configuration" button in Database Settings screen of WebMail Pro admin interface.