WebMail Pro documentation

Migration from v7 to v8 - Collected Addresses

NB: This documentation page only applies to previous v8 of the product.

Existing migration script transfer contacts from v7 database, however it doesn't copy Collected Addresses. Those are added to address book when sending a message to an address which isn't in your contacts yet; those cannot be viewed in Contacts screen and are only only shown in address autocompletion dropdown when composing a message.

If you require Collected Addresses to be migrated as well, it can be done using the script available here.
The script is run after the main migration and its sole job is to migrate Collected Addresses.

It is used similarly to main migration script, it needs to be placed into dev/ directory, $sP7ProductPath value needs to contain filesystem path of v7 installation. It's strongly advised to backup v7 and v8 database before running the script.

The script can be run from console (recommended) or via web browser. It records the account currently being migrated, and should the execution be interrupted for any reason, start the script again and it will proceed from the account it was processing.