WebMail Pro documentation

Install on ISPmanager

It's possible to install the latest version of WebMail Pro on ISPmanager control panel, use it to access email accounts and allow users to change passwords of their accounts.

To offer automated installation of WebMail Pro, ISPmanager uses the packages created for Plesk. The official Plesk repository only holds older version 8 of the product. To allow for installing the latest version, add the following line to /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.conf file:

ApsExtRepository https://afterlogic.com/plesk-repository/

Once that's done, under "Web-scripts" screen of ISPmanager panel you'll find the latest version of WebMail Pro. We recommend to Allow installing it, and Forbid the outdated version 8.

Users should now be able to install the product under CMS screen of their website manager panel. Note that "Quick Install" option places the product into the root directory of the website, which might lead to data loss, using "Install" option is recommended instead.

During the installation, you'll be asked to create database and its user, and supply admin credential for WebMail Pro installation:

Install on ISPmanager

The product is fully operational after the installation, just make sure to supply the license key in adminpanel. It has local mailserver already added, so users should be able to access their accounts right away.

Allow users to change account passwords

APS packages originally created for Plesk include password change module - however, ISPmanager works differently when it comes to changing passwords, so the module included by default wouldn't work. We have created password change module for ISPmanager, you'll need to download it and unpack under modules/MailChangePasswordIspmanagerPlugin directory, then press "Update configuration" button in "Database Settings" screen of adminpanel.

Edit the configuration files under data/settings/modules directory and set "Disabled" values there as follows:

MailChangePasswordPoppassdPlugin.config.json - true
MailChangePasswordIspmanagerPlugin.config.json - false
ChangePasswordWebclient.config.json - false

In MailChangePasswordIspmanagerPlugin.config.json file you'll need to specify ISPmanager URL and its administrator credentials.

Please note that this password change module should also work for previous 8 of WebMail Pro.