WebMail Pro documentation

Creating your apps

The cornerstone of Aurora platform concept is allowing you to create your own applications for the platform.

Generally speaking, adding application means creating a separate screen (or set of screens) users can switch to by clicking a link in top menu. Some applications, however, are not enabled that way; screens can be opened from within the code. It could be that application doesn't offer any screens for the user - for example, when user's role doesn't meet certain requirements.

In terms of Aurora platform, application is presented as a number of modules. Each module is a set of files created to provide specific functionality, and it has its separate subdirectory under modules dir.

Applications usually have their logic and presentation separated, hence the modules can be backend ones (server-side PHP code) and frontend, or web client ones (client-side JavaScript code). Any specific application may contain multiple modules of either type, or just one type. For example, application which uses API in background and doesn't have any user interaction may have no web client modules at all.

We offer a basic example of creating Hello World application for Aurora:

Creating Hello World app

There's also an advanced example which demonstrates the use of both frontend and backend module types in order to implement a simple chat:

Simple chat app example