WebMail Pro documentation

How to connect to Gmail

Adding a mail server

To allow for logging into Gmail accounts or adding those to an existing account, add a new mail server in admin area, specify gmail.com domain for it, and make sure the following mail server details are supplied:

  • Incoming mail: imap.gmail.com  Port 993, Use SSL
  • Outgoing mail: smtp.gmail.com  Port 465, Use SSL

You also need to make sure IMAP access is allowed in your Gmail account configuration, see Forwarding and POP/IMAP section of account settings.

Disabling authentication with email password

According to this page, as of May 30, 2022 Google is disabling username/password based access to Gmail accounts so it may no longer be possible for you to access Gmail account with WebMail Pro using your email address and account password. However, you may be able to add Gmail account to your main one using Gmail connector (see below). And there is an option to log into your account using app password.

Using app password

While Gmail restricts the use of your email account password for authentication purposes, you can create an app password to be used with WebMail Pro.

  1. First of all, you need to enable 2-Step Verification in your Google account settings.

It is required, as Google only allows generating passwords for apps on accounts that have 2-Step Verification enabled.

  1. Navigate to App Password section of your Google account security page and generate app password.

Select "Mail" as app type, "Other" as device and provide an app name - it will only be used as a display name for password in Google.

  1. Once the password is created, simply use it instead of mail account password when logging into Gmail.

Using OAuth2 connector

Starting from v8.7, WebMail Pro supports OAuth2. To enable the feature, configure Google integration and make sure Gmail connector is selected in mail server settings:

Gmail connector

then you'll be able to select Gmail option when using "Add New Account" button on Email Accounts screen of your user account settings.

Please keep in mind that production use of such a connector involves verification done by Google. Until your integration app is verified, there will be a warning about non-secure access.