Configuring WebMail

Logging into admin interface

Once you have a blank install of WebMail Pro 8 set up, you can navigate to its main page and log into admin interface by supplying superadmin as username, and an empty password.

Right after entering admin interface, you're strongly advised to set up a password. If you wish, you can change admin login as well.

In the future, if you forget admin username or password, check data/settings/config.json file, you'll find AdminLogin there in clear text. To reset admin password, set empty value for AdminPassword, then log in with empty password and set a new one.

Database settings

Another critical part of setting up the product is configuring database settings. It's assumed that you already have a database created, fill in the connection details, press Save, then you can Create Tables.

Setting up mail servers

To access your accounts, you would need to set at least one mail server. Under Mail Servers tab, click Add New Server button. You'll need to supply IMAP and SMTP server connection details, as well as the complete list of domains that belong to this server.

Note that you will not need to add users manually - instead, users simply log in from main page by specifying their email and password. And based on domain part of their email address, a certain mail server is used, out of those you have added in this step.


If you encounter any issues with users logging in, receiving or sending mails etc., you need to enable debug logging. Typically, you would need Verbosity paramete set to Debug as it offers the most complete logging, including full communication with email server.