WebMail Pro 8 documentation


You can customize WebMail Pro 8 look by adding a logo onto login screen and to top-left corner of the main interface. In current version of WebMail Pro 8, it's done in Branding tab of admin interface:


Alternatively, you can supply logo URLs in data/settings/modules/BrandingWebclient.config.json file.

In version 8.3.18, another branding feature was added: you can now have IFrame at the top of WebMail Pro 8 interface, with a custom content displayed there (advertisement, additional menu bar etc.)

This feature is adjusted in data/settings/modules/BrandingWebclient.config.json as well:

    "TopIframeUrl": [
    "TopIframeHeightPx": [

TopIframeUrl denotes URL for IFrame content while its height in pixels is specified in TopIframeHeightPx configuration value.

NB: If the above values are missing in your configuration file, make sure you're on the latest version, and try clicking "Update configuration" button in Database Settings screen of WebMail Pro 8 admin interface.