WebMail Pro 8 documentation


Templating feature allows for creating templates which essentially are email messages stored for later use. If you need to send similar mail messages from time to time, you can mark specific folders of your email account to be used for storing templates, save emails as templates there, and use them in the future.

This functionality is disabled by default, you can enable it by setting AllowTemplateFolders to true in data/settings/modules/Mail.config.json file:

"AllowTemplateFolders": [

After that, in Manage Folders screen, you can setup one or several folders to be used for templating.

Once you have at least one template folder, you can move mails into it. Another way to create a template is from New Message screen - open a mail from Drafts, or simply start writing a new mail.

In addition to Save button which stores mail in Drafts, there's also Save Template button. Upon editing a message, click Save Template to store message in template folder.

Any message in template folder opens for editing when you click it, so you can open a template, edit it, send a message out - but the template itself won't be changed unless you click Save Template. And if you save template more than once while editing a message, the template will be overwritten. Note that, unlike drafts, templates are not overwritten automatically.