Aurora Corporate documentation

Comparison with WebMail Pro

WebMail Pro PHP is a webmail client focused on personal-level features, while Aurora Corporate is a full-featured business mail solution.

Interface-wise they might look very similar, because the major difference is under the hood, and Aurora Corporate offers a number of groupware features, including but not limited to:

Sharing contacts

In addition to personal address book, "Shared with All" address book is made available, users can move contacts to that address book for sharing those with teammates.

Global address book

Represented as "Team" address book, it holds the list of all the users of the Aurora installation. Contacts found in this address book are also available in address autocompletion suggestion dropdown when composing a new email message. Also, LDAP integration is available.

Sharing calendars

"Share calendar" option allows for specifying a list of users who can access the calendar for either read-only or edit access. The calendar can also be made globally available ("Share with all" option).

Corporate file pool

Additionally to personal files storage, "Corporate" storage is added, users can move files there making them available for their teammates.

Sharing files and folders

It's possible to share files or folders with other users of the Aurora installation. For each user you're sharing with, you can specify access permissions (read, write, reshare etc.)

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Outlook Sync

Aurora Corporate allows for syncing your contacts and calendars using Outlook Sync Plugin. The plugin supports Outlook 2010/2013/2016 and newer.

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Integration with office document editor

Aurora Corporate offers editing office documents in Files storage, that's done by integrating with OnlyOffice installation.

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When you have such integration enabled, you can also use OnlyOffice as a viewer for email attachments of office document formats, PDF files, etc.

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Integration with chat platform

Aurora Corporate can be seamlessly integrated with RocketChat.

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Aurora Corporate supports multitenancy feature. By default, when sharing contacts, calendars or files, those can be accessed by all the users on that Aurora installation. But you can have multiple tenants, and with multitenancy enabled, you can only share with the users of the same tenant.

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